Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Postcards from the Edge of the water

Giant rubber duck

After seeing Baby Driver (a great movie by the way) with Darryl Stawychny, I got home to work on making a postcard based on an image (see above) I shot on sunday morning.  The last postcard I had made didn't do well for me financially, it was of the Hammer City Roller Girls but making it was fun and there's about 60 to 100 of those cards floating around the world.  Maybe they'll be a collectors item after I've died?

The printing service was having a 25% off sale that ended today which put a bit of fire under my ass to get stuff done.  I've been pretty terrible at being productive these last few months.  It's only been this weekend really where I thought I've been doing something creative-ish.

There's only so many episodes of the MOD squad that you can watch before you have to get off the couch and do something I guess.  You dig?  Solid.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The stomach says "No"

Stomach on strike
  Yesterday while eating a beef soup at ravi soups, my stomach went all crazy, feeling like a had just ate glass shards.  Sharp pain ensued followed by sweating and nausea.  I managed to expunge most of the soup in a park trash can.   I haven't been able to keep anything down aince yesterday.  While the sharp pain has gone away, my stomach feels bruised.  I tried eating a 6" sub today and it lasted for maybe 30 minutes before i had it revisit in the parking lot coming back as a grey brown goo.  I wobbled back home and went to bed.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Pho for now

Extra large pho with taro shake
Woke up at 5pm.  Went down to chinatown, to xulea.   Ordered an extra large pho with a taro milkshake.   Returned home. Went back to sleep.  

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Sexapalooza 2017

Bianca Beauchamp poses on the main stage at Toronto Sexapalooza 2017

The last few days have been pretty lack luster in that between being sick with a series of colds and waking up at weird times, I really haven't gone out to do much. The highlight has been grocery shopping and slowing sorting through my stuff from Auckland, namely my suitcase.  It's still on the floor where I left it after entering the apartment over two months ago.  It's been open, I had to dig around for a few things. Other than that it's still on the floor in the same initial place and hasn't moved.

I got a call from Gwen. She offered me a pass to this event she was working at. "Drop on by, there's lots of stuff to see." and "take some photos". At least that's what I heard in my head. I looked up the site and found that it was a camera friendly environment.  In the end it was enough to get me onto a more regular sleep schedule and make my way out to the far reaches of the Toronto Airport by transit.

Sexapalooza took place at the Toronto International Center, a large set of buildings that used to house all the great computer and car conventions back in the late 80s, early 90s.  Big conventions for Toronto anyway.

Lotus chips

Today’s food experiment

Lotus root chips


  • Olive oil
  • Lotus root


  1. Cut lotus root into slices
  2. Brush olive oil onto each slice
  3. Put in oven on bake sheet for 20 minutes at 450 F
  4. Take out let cool.
  5. Eat