Sunday, September 09, 2007

Funny Ha Ha

Darryl Gold and Jane Luk laugh at a clip on YouTube.

While dropping off a UFO made of two pie plates stuck together at Darryl's office, I spent some time observing Darryl and Jane watch YouTube. At one point they were looking at a 10 minute clip of Wonder Women spinning. It was a montage of footage taken from different episodes. I couldn't believe someone had that much time on their hands to put together such a long repetitive piece of work.

The geek in me started checking out the lens flare element to see if it was the same in every transition. Although the production used the same flare a number of times, there were different flares throughout the number of spins. Now you know.

After feeling a bit dizzy from all the spinning Jane wanted to see something else. Preferably something funny. I showed them the funny Japanese TV show that I saw a while ago thanks to UncaringBear's blog. It's here as well on YouTube (click here).

While Jane and Darryl were rolling with laughter I clicked off a few snaps.

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theotherbear said...

I'm so glad you reminded me of this, I just watched again and it is still funny.