Tuesday, August 26, 2008

C NE thing new?

Lanterns at Ontario Place

Went to the Canadian National Exhibition today with Andrew (the designer). Maybe it was my mood but it didn't seem like there was much interesting this year. Of course that excludes the two corn dogs, roti, and pellet like ice cream I had.

Part of the admission to the "Ex" is the admission to Ontario Place as well. Not that this is a new thing but it's a place I don't visit often. Not sure why as I like paddle boats. Maybe it's too touristy.

From a distance, the giant Ontario Place sphere can be seen and everything looks the same as it once did all those years ago. Up close though everything is pretty much different. Andrew and I wandered though looking at all the new things put up. A water park, a water ride (and really the log ride isn't that new), the Molson Amphitheatre.

Then we arrived at what was once the Children's village. A bright orange tent now faded to brown by all the years of sun. It was gutted and made into a cadet recruitment centre. Memories of being squashed in a forest of punching bags, climbing rope nets and swinging down pulleys were all that was left. Everything gone. It was really sad.

A palace...

On a positive note there was the Chinese Lantern Festival which was pleasing to look at. The lanterns were dinosaur and world structures in theme this year. Statue of Liberty, the leaning tower of pisa, the Big Ben tower, to name a few and a giant palace made of tea cups, plates, and chinese soup spoons. Crazy.

...made of a bunch of teacups.


Anonymous said...

Change is the only thing that is constant...it makes me sad sometimes too but change is what brings new things & people into our lives so it can't be all bad.

Motivatorman.com said...


These photos are so colourful and amazing!


Adam said...

Awe crap!!! I loved those swinging punching bags and all those net/mesh adventure playgrounds! I remember learning how to get from one net to the one below by somersaulting over the edge while hanging on to the edge. I have a slide I took ages ago (18 years ago...wow) of the swinging punching bags. Must find it!!!

Remind me to tell you my Ontario Place story!