Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip to the Windy City

The Duty Free

Left from Hamilton to go to Chicago around 1:30am. At about 3:30am we were at the Duty Free. Other than stopping for a washroom break has anyone else noticed that the duty free doesn't really sell much? Other than liquor, cigarettes, and giant chocolate bars that is.

I was looking for some kind of travel pillow but the only ones they had were the ones that look like a toilet seat, the puffy Us that go around your neck. You'd think they would cater more toward the weary traveller. Maybe that's what the booze is for (I say this sarcastically).

The Chicago skyline as seen from the truck.

By about 9:40am we could see the Chicago skyline. This would be 8:40am Chicago time as Chicago is an hour behind Toronto. The photo above was taken by Becky as I was doing the second half of the driving.

I've noticed that, and I'm generalizing here, that driving on the highway near Chicago is very start stop as some drivers do not seem to be able to commit to changing lanes. This results in a lot of car honking and erratic car movement. The honking of the cars started to get annoying. So much so that Ivy, in the back seat, started yelling back at the honkers.

Breakfast at the Burgundy

We arrived at the place we were to stay at but were locked out. The spare key that we were supposed to get was being used by someone else. So instead of crashing, as it had been a long drive, we went for "breakfast" and did some sightseeing by driving around. It should be noted that parking downtown in Chicago is pretty expensive even compared to crazy Toronto downtown parking prices.

The drive along the water front.

I love this sign, but not in a weird way.

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