Friday, November 21, 2008

Cross Rhodes 3

Jack Layton gives the thumbs up to the Hammer City Roller Girls

I participated in a neighbourhood art show this weekend. A bunch of houses on my street were open to the public to showcase the works of the various residents. From photography to pottery, holiday cards, and bobbles, there were quite the variety of things to buy or look at. Heidi Evans a photographer from a few houses over spearheaded the project and invited me to show some of my work.

Since there was a theme or maybe there wasn't but generally there seems to be a theme when one presents "art". I choose "From cat walk to flat track: a celebration of the female form" as mine. It was pretty obvious that I'd choose this as that's what I have been photographing all year. That and maybe Pumpkin the downstairs cat. From London to Toronto Fashion week, the Cadbury chocolate ball, Fashion Cares, the Hammer City Roller Girls, the Eastern Regionals and most recently the Nationals. It all just seemed to fit.

Among the few to show up at my section of the art crawl was Jack Layton of the New Democratic Party. Wow! I didn't expect any big wig politicians to show up. Actually, being a small neighbourhood, I didn't really expect anyone to show up.

He seemed to show a genuine interest in the photos, taking them in one at a time. He stopped and gave me the thumbs up for the Hammer City photo (shown here) of Hamilton Harlot's Carla Coma leaping over the Steel town Tank Girl's Atomic Toaster.

He also noticed the green friendly bamboo floor and gave positive comments to Andrew and Isako, the house owners . What a nice, polite, down to earth, individual.

"Wow!", did I say "Wow"?

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