Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Back to the real world

continuing with my previous entry...


The revisit to the land of Arzeroth commenced at 2:00pm (That's the land in the World of Warcraft for those that aren't cool enough to know). It ended at roughly 7:00am, about 19 hours after the start time.

I would have kept playing if it wasn't for three reasons...
  1. My body started to hurt
  2. I was starting to get tired
  3. There's an alarm clock that can be set in the game
Believe it or not but it was actually the third point that kept me from going for a few more hours. My back started aching hours earlier and my hands were cramping up (also hours earlier). I could have probably sat in front of the computer for another few hours easy. Sitting in front of a computer comes easy for me as I've been doing that since grade 5 while teaching myself the Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code on Dad's Exidy Sorcerer.

Days turn into nights and nights into days as I used to sit coding all nighters and for days on end, working some little project, learning a language, programming some video game, or designing a font one pixel at a time. It's amazing how much time was spent working on stuff that no longer exists.

Enter the alarm. I think it's new or at least new since I played the game last January. The alarm clock feature can be set in advance, much like a regular alarm clock, and you can have a customized message pop up in the middle of your game. Something like "Take out recycling", which is what my message said.

Being awake after a night of computer play isn't anything new. I didn't care if I was awake during sunrise, my hours have been pretty off-kilter lately anyway. Ever since getting back from Portland. Yeah, I blame the trip to Portland and all the fun that ensued.

It's not the jet lag, I think it's the party lag. Keeping up with the Montrealers (ie. Georgia W. Tush) is a full time job for sure. Deemed "Best Canadian Evar" by Justice Feelgood Marshal, Tush is the template for social butterflyness. Who can go to sleep when all that cool social stuff is going on? Portland. Three Days. Roller Derby. Friends from across North America. Sleep? We can always get sleep later...

Which brings us to three or so weeks later and my sleep schedule is still nutty.

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