Wednesday, February 02, 2011


The school bus that parks in front of my house

So there's this big snow storm that's been hitting people in the States (Minnesota, Chicago, to name a few) quite hard. I know this through my friends on facebook. The weather guy said Toronto would get 30 centimeters today. Schools have closed, businesses have told workers to stay at home, and I had to go back to the production office to pick up some gear that had been accidentally packed into luggage being shipped off to British Columbia.

It was time to break out the winter boots. In my case giant Sorels, boots that I don't wear much because they somehow managed to move my socks to the toe area where they bunch up into clumps leaving my feet bare.

Looking down Euclid avenue

Snow boots

I was kind of disappointed. The last time there was a big snow storm here in this city, the army was dispatched to help dig senior citizens out from waiting at bus stops. Snow levels were at least knee deep and cars that were parked on the streets were buried in snow and wouldn't be moved for days.

This blog entry is for my friends that are in those sunny places around the world. While it's no where near the snow accumulation of Chicago or the iciness of Indiana it's somewhat annoying to wander around with the slush on the road.

Toboggan day instead of school also note the wipes on the car (smart)

not completely snowed in

Dundas street

Dim sum at T&T

Looking out at the Docks (next to the T&T parking lot)

Waiting for the bus

snow dozer

Back in the downtown core

Toronto cyclist

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