Thursday, October 20, 2011

You can eat on it

" pleasant tasting, safe and so effective 'you can eat on it'."

So why am I reading this you ask? It all started last night...

I was returning some battery chargers at the office and didn't leave until J. Pace and sons, the local sandwich shop, had closed for the evening. The prices of the food is pretty reasonable so I had been frequenting the sandwich shop for the last couple of days. The other restaurants in the area are a bit over priced on my current budget. So unless you're a lawyer or high powered ad exec there was really no where else to get food in the neighbourhood.

With the sandwich shop closed the only other place to get food was the 7-11. Yes, slim pickings. The food is kind of substandard unless you're buying packaged goods like chips or soda or maybe a plastic bowl of cereal. Food rolling on rollers for hours, burritos that you can heat up in a microwave, stale sandwiches. I ended up getting a bag of CHEX mix. Chex is America's version of Shreddies in Canada and CHEX mix is like Bits and Bites.

My tooth filling next to a penny for size reference.

So while I was watching some episode of Glee from the second season (it's the one where Finn's Mom marries Kurt's Dad, or "Furt"; the episode name) I bit into a handful of Chex Mix to find that there was metal mixed up in it. Further inspection revealed that it was my tooth filling that came out. It should be noted that the Chex Mix was not tampered with, I believe the filling just fell out over normal wear. It just happened that I was eating Chex Mix at the time. It could have just as easily been an apple. I will continue to eat Chex Mex in the future and will promote Chex Mix as a good replacement for Bits and Bites while visiting the United States of America.

And with that I thought back to the time of getting health insurance before leaving for the US. Did I get any? nope. Luckily the damage wasn't too severe. The filling didn't seem to expose any sensitive nerve endings. It was time to take a trip to the local drug store.

While visiting Los Vegas I saw a small jar of stuff that you could use for minor dental repair. This is what I was going to look for at the local CVS. The half hour jaunt to the drug store proved to be a success. It didn't take long for me to find the stuff.

dental kit

" pleasant tasting, safe and so effective 'you can eat on it'."

These are the words on the back of Dentemp OS package. It's a dental repair kit that you can buy at the drug store. It's like a tiny pail of cement for your teeth should you lose a filling or cap or crown.

I shovelled the stuff into the hole in my tooth and was back in business but just in case I bought a softer snack... a pickle in a bag.

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