Friday, November 11, 2011

MacGyvering a studio in a hotel room

The make shift studio in my hotel room

"Procrastination" a word that my grade seven teacher, Linus Pauli, made me memorize the dictionary meaning to. Since then, and most likely before then, I've become a great fan of procrastination. For example, while doing taxes other crumby tasks were undertaken instead because they were more "fun". Cleaning the room, making the toilet bowl shiny, getting dust out of the keyboard, sorting DVDs (or laserdiscs, or comic books) into alphabetical order, heck even sorting the bills in my wallet into serial number order was more fun than taxes.

Utensils made with airplane alloy!

Today I am swamped with data entry duties. Inputting the data I have collected on set (on paper) and inputting that data into a computer database. While I can do this for hours while listening to in my hotel room, getting started takes a larger effort.

Today I decided to create a mini studio to take photos of some new eating tools I picked up at REI. A bowl that flattens, a spork/mini spatula/knife, and a knife/fork/spoon made of 7075-T6 aircraft alloy. I love photographing things (if this is news to you then you've just started reading this blog or haven't been paying attention).

Plastic utensils

I can't remember which Joe McNally book I read this in, he explained a simple way to diffuse strong hard sunlight from entering a room is to put up a bed sheet over the window. This creates a nice softbox like light.

And so armed with some gaffers tape and a bed sheet from the bed in the room that's what I did.

The hotel room key

Puffin cereal

A Nutter Butter cookie

And now back to data entry...

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