Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fred visits Gwen

The main goal today was to go to the Lakeview to get a coconut cream pie. I was still catching up on my sleep. I slept in until about noon then forced myself to get out of bed and walk on down to the restaurant. It's about an hour to get there. With the weather being bright and sunny having to walk wasn't so bad.

In the modern age of telephones and with having past history of getting to the Lakeview and finding out they don't have pie you'd think I'd just call them in advance. You'd think that but no, I didn't call in advance and yet again was disappointed when they didn't have any coconut pie.

This forced me to try a different pie, the S'mores pie. A chocolate filling in a graham cracker crust topped with toasted mini marshmallows. The chocolate was ultra sweet, so much so that when drinking the chocolate milkshake I couldn't taste the chocolate flavor, it could have been vanilla.

The combination of the milkshake and the pie put me into a sleepy state that verged on falling into a food coma. ;To help fight off the sleep I decided to walk around. With no where in particular or direction in mind I made my way down to Queen street. ;Eventually I found myself at My Roll Life

"Did you bring your friend?", that was Gwen's way of asking if I had brought the hamster. I placed the carrier on the desk and slid out the cage revealing Fred. From there hamster hijinks ensued.

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