Saturday, May 03, 2014

Coconut Cream Pie

Julia (prosthetics) and Gerard (visual effects) tired.

As promised I took who ever was still awake and wanting to experience the coconut cream pie at the Lakeview.  Only two people made it, which I suppose was just as well, I only reserved one pie.  It meant we could split it into three pieces.

Bleary eyed and tired from just finishing our 18:00 to 08:30 shift Gerard and I packed Gerard's pick up with all my gear then spearheaded the move toward the Lakeview.  Julia from the prosthetics department made it out and I suppose everyone else was too tired to make the journey to west Toronto.

It was a long night down on the docks. It was cold.  On top of all this we also had to wrap out all the gear from the visual effects truck as it was our last day.  I think we pissed off the transport department because we needed power in the trucks and they couldn't go until we were done.  Eventually they got tired of waiting so we had to move to the nearby building and set up shop there where we backed up stuff for another 30 or so minutes making locations wait for us. Not the greatest thing to do on the last day, making other departments wait for you.  This makes me appreciate companies that budget a wrap out day, a day separate from the shooting days.

Tired but happy to have coconut cream pie.

The nice thing about having to wrap out all the stuff though was that we were done.  Vacation starting right away and for us we were going to kick it off by enjoying coconut cream pie at the Lakeview at 9:00am in the morning.

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