Friday, November 09, 2007

Art Crawl in Hamilton

A cute dog on the bus.

I was invited again to Hamilton, this time to see an art crawl. Melanie's studio was part of that art crawl and a bunch of us were to meet there. What I didn't know at the time of being invited was that we weren't going to "crawl" any where. People were going to be crawling to us.

Mel's studio on James street

Melanie's studio was one of the attractions of the art crawl and people showed up in small waves. It was interesting to meet them and see what photos they were drawn to. Mel's work consists mainly of black and white studio portraits. In my opinion they're very nicely done. The lighting is very nice showing off texture and putting emphasis on the subject, who all looked very relaxed and natural.

Suzy makes a face.

Inside Mel's studio, dimly lit for ambiance.

Jackie looks over Mel's present for Hope.

Once the crowd started dwindling we closed up the studio and went off to some bar. It was Hope's birthday. A friend of Jackie and Mel who seemed to be having a good time wearing large orange glasses.


Hope looks at Mel's gift.

Hope and her brother.

Trevor with drinks


At some point later on in the evening I had found that I was left with Amanda and Suzi (Mel's roommate). We ended up going to some bar in Hess village where we met up with Dion, Amanda's boy friend. From there we went to Harvest Burger, a late night burger place.

I ended up crashing at Mel's where I met Seven, the house cat.

Suzi, Amanda and some random girl that wanted to pose

Harvest Burger

Chinet... fancy schmancy.

Seven Gillis

Trevor shows up to drive Melanie to Montreal

The cat, seven, sleeps on some luggage

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