Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meeting and Leaving

Here's another panoramic photo of me and the rest of Thurling Design

I had another meeting today with Thurling design to go over some concepts for the new Microsoft work coming down the pipe. While at the house that David and Zoe were occupying I took another panoramic shot using my still new panoramic gear. I'm pretty impressed with the results. Without too much effort I managed to stitch together the above photo (click to enlarge). Not too shabby but it took a bit more work than the photo I shot at Deep Wireless last weekend.

After the meeting I got home in time to do my laundry, and pack my things. I'm off to Montreal. A car with Kyoko, Chris, Michelle and Hilary is arriving at 7am to pick me up. From the apartment we'll travel to another house where we will meet two other people who will be driving up in another car. This will be our chance to balance out the passengers.

The trip is estimated to taking 5.5 hours. We shall see.

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