Friday, May 11, 2007

A Two Month ReCap

Okay I know it's been a while since my last post. It's been two months. Chances are you're not even reading this because you've given up looking for updates and are now doing something more interesting with your life. However if you're one of the one's that still checks this spot everyday or perhaps you've subscribed to this blog then "Hello" I say and thanks for reading.

Despite the fact I've been neglecting the blog, I have been taking pictures pretty much every day with the odd picture blackout in between, It's okay Hell has not frozen over, there are actually good reasons for putting down my camera (or not picking up as the case may be). There are reasons for not updating the blog as well. Laziness comes to mind, but I'll try to recap what's been going on over the last two months. I could post a picture for every day that has passed or at least almost every day that has passed but that would require a lot of work, a lot of writing and a lot of going into the bowels of my memory to reconstruct what happened.

Since I'm not trying to solve a mystery regarding a murder, lost child, or even missing keys I will let the reconstruction of the days past slide. To all those readers that live life vicariously through my blog entries I can only say that your life is much much more interesting than mine has been in last two months. If you as the reader still feel unnerved, pretend I was abducted by aliens, thrown into a time machine and popped out two months later with no memory other than the following notable experiences...

Fashion week Autumn Winter 2007

Arthur Mendonca boned for lighting.... again.

For the most part, the lighting was terrible. Most notable was the Rudsak show where the 24 hour newspaper only showed heads of the models because the bodies and what the models were wearing were in complete darkness. It didn't help that the clothing line was mainly comprised of black outfits. Lighting them with a single weak spot light that was aimed with the precision of a drunkard peeing and aiming for the puck, Rudsak's models had their heads and legs clipped by the dark. The sad fact is that this cost the designer more to light them this way than to use the standard crappy house lights.

Don't even get me started on the Arthur Mendonca models standing around in patches of bad lighting (this is the second season this designer was boned for lighting), the mixed colored lighting of Pink Tartan, or the gradient lighting of some other catwalks where models are walking out of the darkness. While this may be considered great stage lighting, catwalk lighting no. What's the point of having a catwalk if you can't shoot the models with the clothing flowing until they reach the end? The event this year was pretty disappointing from a photographers point of view.

Colin has moved

One weekend, I and some others helped Colin move out of his long time lived apartment.

Colin in his apartment for the last time.

The Moving Van

The Last Football pass (Hey why are they not helping?)

The last picture of the dot pattern.

Fan Appreciation day for fans of Falcon Beach

An onlooker looks to see if there's any activity.

The cast Of Falcon Beach.

This was an event that took place at Sam the Record Man, a record store, down on Yonge street. I was amazed at the number of teen girls that demanded the male actors take off their shirts.

Microsoft job

David and Neil looking at the electronic storyboards

This is probably the biggest reason that I haven't been updating the blog. I was working for about three weeks straight on some animation for the Microsoft booth at N.A.B. (National Association of Broadcasters) convention in Las Vegas. No, I didn't get to go to Las Vegas.

A Girl named Brigitte

Me and Brigitte at Sanjay's birthday party.

During the course of the Microsoft job I did manage to slink out of my apartment to do some things. One of these activities was to attend Sanjay's (the publisher) birthday party. While it wasn't my intention to meet anyone, I think I was pretty low on energy at the time, I did meet two new people of note. Vanessa, a model from fashion week that I took pictures of, and Brigitte, a fellow Nintendo player who claimed that she could kick my ass at Bust-a-move. Yeah right. She's also a Wii player. This piqued my interest as I've been thinking of getting a Wii since boxing day.

Brigitte demonstrates her kicking technique


Gabby and Melissa's birthdays

Gabby and Melissa seem disinterested

Rogers announces video conferencing on your cell phone

William Shatner talks over the cell phone with a video image!

To launch video calling in Canada, Rogers pulled in William Shatner from L.A. The press release was very secretive and didn't say anything other then to show up for something amazing. While waiting for the presentation to start I was talking to another photographer who said "I hope this isn't like the Burger King press release."

When I asked him for more details he told me that the PR company has sent out a vague over the wire saying something big was going to be announced. Perhaps a new sandwich. No one knew. The announcement was that People preferred Burger King hamburgers over other burgers. It was a let down for the reporter.

William Shatner and John Boynton (the senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Rogers Wireless) fiddling with the video phone.

William Shatner showing up to the event really worked. Pretty much everyone but the CBC showed up to see what the big news was. Video Conferencing.... the first thing I thought was that Star Trek communicators dont' have video. Oh well.

I took a picture of William Shatner's shoes as you probably wouldn't see this in the press

John Coburn's Art Exhibition

Robin, a fashion week model, poses for John

Another outing I managed to do during the Microsoft job was to see John Coburn's exhibition at a hair salon on King street. I was invited to this during fashion week and decided to pop in. After the show Brigitte and I went to grab some food. We stayed out much later than I anticipated and as a result I had to stay up until noon to finish a render and deliver it. Was it worth it? Yes, without question.

Robin looks at the camera

Brigitte flies into the painting at the Queen Mum.

Blueberry Juice - Something fishy

Blueberry juice with Omega 3

Maybe you've heard of weird drinks like Clamato, Tomato juice mixed with calm juice. What about blueberry and grape juice mixed with bits of anchovy and sardines. I kid you not.

Today I bought a blueberry grape juice with omega-3. When I got home I decided to read the label. It actually has fish bits in the contents. How weird is that?

Anchovy and Sardines? What the...?

The Microsoft job continues...

A last minute photo taken by me using the light coming in through the window.

After an all nighter we end up at the Goof for breakfast


Me, quite tired

Darryl with coffee

Al's Birthday Bowling

Danforth Bowl located just west of Coxwell on Danforth

Linda stretches

Leah bowls

Birthday Bowling Al.

More Microsoft Work

Zoe plans the next stage in the Microsoft project while squeezing her baby's stuffed animal.

Darryl hard at work in the kitchen

A quick walk to the beach clears my head for the Microsoft project

Ice formations on the edge of the lake.

The balmy beach club sign

Pippa, Zoe and David's baby, smiles when called "Supervisor" or hears "Darryl, get to work!"


My facebook photo taken in the back yard

Here's another reason I've neglected blogging. I've gotten sucked into the world of facebook. It's an addictive web site where you can reconnect with all your friends. I've heard it nicknamed stalkerbook by some people.

The Tijuana Bibles last performance

This photo taken by Alan Martucci shows me in the front (wearing white) waiting for the band to start playing.

The Tijuana Bibles

The Crippler

Super Destructor, Sky-Hi Lee, and Sonny-Boy Liston

Other Photos of Interest

A woodpecker in the back yard

Emmanuel at the Stem

My Hot Hamburger at the Stem

Christina Cruze

John Duncan of Swimsuit Canada and Christina

Simon Mah and "his girls"

John Philp film maker of "Yoga, Inc." stands in front of the Royal theatre

The Bust-a-move Showdown

Brigitte casts out.

Dinky the camera phobic cat

Dinky tries to squirm away from the camera

To follow up on the last entry where Brigitte said she would kick my Bust-a-move ass. She did! Out of twenty games she kicked my butt but good. Granted it was the Super Nintendo version of the game. I've called a rematch with the Wii version, a version which neither of us have played. Am I trying to level the playing field in order to win?... you betcha.

Brigitte kicks my Bust-a-move ass... for the second time, 21-14


William and Sara's baby. Alex doesn't seem impressed with me.

Sara and Alex say "Hi" as I get off the streetcar.

After about a year I finally get to meet baby Alex.

Other things of note

Brigitte with the coveted Filbert World Cup.

After kicking my butt, Brigitte and I decide to make a trophy out of this plastic fish. We've given the fish the name of Filbert. Whoever wins the next round gets to keep the fish until the next round and so on.

Laer with a new Nikon D80

Laer buys a Nikon D80.


Worked on a short film made by a friend (of Origasmi fame) starts a huge cast made up of mostly past Hard Liquor and Porn filmmakers. I worked on the film shooting stills and even made a cameo in a patient outfit.

That brings you pretty much up to date.


theotherbear said...

It must have taken you quite some time to put together that collection, and decide which photos to include. I just find it hard to believe that disgusting looking hamburger at the stem is one of the highlights of the last 2 months! :)
Also - did not know they made bust a move for Wii. I must get this!!!!
Good to hear you're still alove and well, I have been wondering what you were up to. You should come and visit us, lots of good photo ops here.

BagelHot said...

Burger at the stem does look kind of menacing but it's really good. Perhaps it's just a burger with gravy on it but for me it brings back memories of eating out when I was a kid.

Zee said...

I hate your fish-eye lens pictures. They reek of cheesy gimmicks. Please refrain from this in the future. Who da man? Yo-da man!

Sock Monty said...

did you encounter no Monkeys the whole time?! How not?!