Saturday, February 02, 2008

Juno, it's good when...

Construction east of the Varsity theatre.

Using a movie voucher I received for Christmas I took Leanna and myself to see Juno. I didn't know what the film was about and never really knew much about it. The only reference I had to the film before Leanna had selected it was that on Facebook you could send your friends a free gift, a burger phone icon with the word JUNO across it. I thought the movie had something to do with owning a burger phone and that was a cool enough hook to get me to go see it.

During the movie the burger phone made it's appearance and for some reason I perked up saying "There's the burger phone!". It wasn't just a item that wasn't related to the movie at all. There is was in it's full glory. The crappy working burger phone. It was a shot of satisfaction that I had gone to see a movie and wasn't duped by a non-existent phone. After all how many times have you seen a movie trailer and saw a scene that never showed up in the movie. I hate that.

So besides the burger phone making an appearance I thought the movie overall was entertaining and worth the price of admission, if we were to have paid for admission that is.

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