Friday, February 08, 2008

Last event in the Automotive Building.

Speedorama 2008 at the Automotive building

Tonight marked the first night of the last event to ever take place at the automotive building here in Toronto. As I'm not really into the small Hondas converted into large speaker systems or entertainment behemoths with glowing underbellies, I love going to Speedorama as some of the cars featured are 70s muscle cars with a nice paint job. There's also enough space around them to shoot without people or ropes used for fencing off areas getting into your shot. I find this is the case when going to the performance car show. All the cars are packed together.

While writing this I wonder if car shows in the States are any better. Conventions tend to be much larger in the US compared to Canada. I would still like to attend one at some point in the future.

Of course the other reason for going to car shows other than to see the cars is to ogle the women. Just like beer, cars and women seem to go hand in hand.

The winners of the swimsuit competition

John Duncan of Swimsuit Canada

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