Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The dance with no music

Penny Chivas, a dancer from Australia, dances "Tender Mess"

Okay I realize it's been a while since I blogged last. A quick update... I've been working on a project and between that and my prior commitment to shooting the HCRG derby I've been pretty busy. Today I managed to get out for a bit while the computer was rendering to see a twenty minute dance.

The number was choreographed by Katarzyna Ignatowska, the dance instructor from Poland, that I met a few months ago (and perhaps if I kept the blog updates going on a regular basis you would already know this). The theme was vulnerability and as stated in the title of this entry there was no music. It was completely quiet was the exception of my camera shutter clicking every few seconds. Because of the surrounding silence, it was like a canon going off. Kapow, KAPOW!!!!

I will be nutty busy until the first or second week in June and then I'll have time off. I'll try to keep updating when I have some spare time or waiting for the computers to render.

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