Thursday, May 29, 2008

Now, View this.

Top to bottom:
Now Magazine, May 29 - June 4, page 64
View Magazine, May 22-28, page 29

On the off chance you're in Hamilton and get to pick up last week's View or in Toronto and pick up this week's Now magazine (newspaper), you may notice some roller derby photos from the Steel Tank Girls versus the Hamilton Harlots bout that took place on May 10th (also known as the "Mother's Day Massacre 2" bout).

Unfortunately there's no data associated with the photos in terms of what's going on in them, who they are pictures of, or who took the photos. The photos accompany articles or event listings. This blog entry's purpose is to remedy that situation. The following are the photos of the game...

Beverlee Crush-her #69, Jammer for the steel town tank girls

Cheese Grater #289 and Perky Set #3.14 (or PI) race for lead jammer.

Oh yeah, the photographer of both photos was me.

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BagelHot said...

In response to Zee's question "Did either paper pay for the images?" The answer would be "no". Not that they should as the images were passed on via the HCRG, the organization I shoot for and deal with in monetary terms.

However the paper should at least put in a photo credit for me or the the line "photo provided courtesy of the HCRG".

When you look at the paper (the Now magazine) they do not credit any other photos in that section. This irks me a little bit.