Sunday, July 06, 2008

Let's go fly a kite

Dave and Rebecca on their crack berries.

A few friends of mine met at the Pearl down at the Queen's Quay terminal for dim sum. If you haven't been there I would say that it is one of the best places for dim sum in all of Toronto. It's a bit pricier than other restaurants but if you can afford it it's well worth it. If you do go make sure you order their coconut custard cream dessert rolls. Yummy!

Some stuff I saw before meeting up with Hilary...

Mullet man

Harbourfront fish

I think it was Hilary's idea to go to the islands. I was my idea to fly some kites. The wind was pretty low (maybe 2 to 3 on the beaufort scale). Depending on where we were on the islands the wind went down to a 1. Not too great for kite flying.

We had both brought our bikes and cycled across the island from Wards to Hanlan's Point(the clothing optional beach to be exact - no we didn't get naked). The funny thing is that the sun drenched soccer field on Ward's was probably the best place to fly in terms of wind. As we biked across the islands the wind was either too low or the crowds of people to high.

Part of the fun, for me anyways, was just exploring the islands, eating the food, and seeing what there was to see. Took a few photos of Hilary and various island locations as you can see from the following photos...

Hilary's hot dog from the gravity cafe

Hilary in a giant seat made from a tree stump

The Ward's Island beach

The sucky non visual sound making machine

Between Wards and Centre Island, it's nearer to Centre Island, there's a New Adventures in Sound Art installation. At first look it looks pretty cool. The magic wears off once you try it out. The boxes in front of the peddles are too high for short people to see what's in them and there's no visual reference to see that you're doing anything. This is especially annoying if there's more than one person peddling. Can you even control what's going on? There's no signage to let you know what's happening so it's too obscure for the average Joe to figure it out. Boo, I say.

The pirate ship needs wind

My new pirate ship kite that I picked up at the local drug store for only $20. It's 3D even. Although needs a lot more wind to fly. It never got off the ground for longer than a few minutes.

Hilary's diamond kite takes to the air...

...and water.

My delta kite is lost in the brightness of the sun

The clothing optional beach sign

Biking home past the Gardiner

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