Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Strolling round on Canada Day

The church sign board at Bloor and Avenue Road

Went to see a documentary called "Encounters At the End of the World" with some friends in the afternoon. Before that I was sleeping. Been getting a lot of sleep in the day time lately. The movie was about a guy taking a trip down to Antarctica, interviewing the people working there, and seeing what there was to see. Overall the movie was quite interesting and even had humorous moments thrown in. I'd love to go down there just to take photos of Shackeltons old cabin. Then again my camera would probably freeze at those temperatures.

Adam, Chris, Anya, and Albert

After the movie we wondered around yorkville and passed some fans of the Jonas Brothers. A group of teenage girls sporting various teen magazines and hovering around the hotel in hopes of a glimpse or autograph.

We eventually disbanded at Indigo. Adam and I met up with Jay and the three of us ate and met some other people to go see the Ontario Place fireworks from just south of High Park.

If the subject is still, move the camera.

Shot sans tripod

Fireworks set off on the beach

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