Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jelly logs and Tang

Tang and a Jelly Log

I completed the construction of my photo surface and so to celebrate I thought I'd shoot a plate of a jelly log and a glass of Tang with the surface underneath. The Tang and jelly log were just things I had lying around waiting to be shot. The plate in the photo is actually a saucer from my downstairs neighbour Martina. It was the closest plate design I could find to ones that I'd been looking for in the past two weeks.

As for the Tang. I've always wanted to try Tang again. It had been years since I last had some. Probably at my cousin Bryce's when I was in grade 3. The drink that astronauts had in space. At least I seem to remember something along those lines in commercials that brainwashed my as a kid. I had found some Tang being sold at a local dollar store. It seems to be in short supply at all three grocery stores that surround me if not offered at all.

Tang, at present, comes in packs of 3 envelopes. I seem to remember commercials where it was once sold in a jar. I wonder why they don't do that anymore? Meh.

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