Thursday, April 09, 2009

A long day

Early morning sunrise

I woke up pretty early this morning. It was around 7am when the sun was pouring into my computer room that I took the above photo. I had a bunch of stuff to do today. Mainly trying to visit friends that I haven't seen in a while.

The Pumpkin Patch

While venturing forth out into the great outdoors I almost tripped over the cat. Pumpkin, the landlord's home confused pet, was trying to get in. I noticed a large patch of fur missing. Now known as the pumpkin patch I had found from Kyoko that Pumpkin had gotten into a fight and a large puss thing had formed where he was attacked. Kyoko and Chris took him to the vet where the vet shaved off the fur to get to the puss thing to drain it. Pumpkin seemed a little upset at the lack of fur and kept licking the area. Well, at least he won't get furballs from it.

Laer's pet bird Maya

I met Laer for lunch at an Indian restaurant on Baldwin. We then went over to his place where I was introduced to the bird. I've never actually interacted with a pet bird other than seeing one fly over my head.


Birds are strange animals. They seem so fragile. Maya, Laer's pet bird, made me laugh a bit. It walked sideways giving the illusion of being shifty. To make the bird jump onto your finger you're supposed to place your finger horizonally in front of the bird's chest. For the most part Maya would jump onto your finger. To get him off all you have to do is place an object, like the back of a chair or a pencil, in front of the chest. The bird would walk on up.

There was a point where putting something in front didn't encourage the bird to move. Instead the bird would attack (ie. bite my finger). The bite wasn't flesh removed but it was irritating. I had to get Laer to move the bird away from me and my shoes. For some reason Maya liked shoe laces.

Don't look into the eyes!

After a few hours talking about cameras, lighting, and birds as pets, from Larry's place I went to Queen street west, The Rhino, to meet up with Mare and Candy for drinks.

Mare and Candy at the Rhino

On the way home, it was past last call, and the last subway. I had to take the blue night (all night) bus home. It was there I bumped into Roger of Monster Records. I got home around 3:30am and passed out.

Roger on the 2:50 am bus.

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