Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eating in a car

William and Ryan chow down on Burger King food

After invigilating an exam at York U, the prof, his cousin in law and I wound up eating in a burger king parking lot. I'm not sure what the reason for us going there was. Maybe it had something to do with the Star Trek glasses that were being sold at the restaurant chain as a cross promotion tie in with the movie. We are suckers for cheap movie trinkets that will eventually make it to some shelf for the express purpose of collecting dust.

The drive thru was open. I think I hate drive thrus. Well hate is a strong word but tonight I felt like we were caught in a funnel. As we drive up to the order taking speaker/microphone we noticed that you couldn't get the star trek glass on it's own. You HAD to buy a meal combo of some sort. We were also disappointed that the only choice in glass cups was the Nero version. Boo. Kirk, Spock, heck, even Uhura would have been better but they weren't available.

If we could wander into the restuarant we could have read the menus and just walked right back out but it was late and after "normal" restaurant hours. The drive thru was the only way to get food and now that we weren't as crazy about getting anything we were stuck, sandwiched between two other cars.

Both Ryan and I caved in and got the Nero cup. William managed to drive through and not get anything. I feel weak for this experience and the cup is sitting in front of my computer, still in it's box, collecting dust.


Zap Brannigan said...

Woo hoo! I'm blog-worthy!

BagelHot said...

I think you said that last time I blogged you.