Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The one two combo

Nichol Robertson (guitar) and Fred Spek (vocals & sax) of Camp Combo

There are times when a fire under your ass isn't enough. Sometimes it takes a one, two, punch to get you going again. For the last three weeks I've been infected with some cold/flu virus. While the brunt of the virus only lasted three days, a lingering cough and liquid in the lungs have lasted the whole three weeks.

The result kicking my ass, making me extra tired and wanting to sleep so I didn't have to live through wheezing and a bunch of coughing fits. Coughing fits bordering on black outs. Fun indeed.

It's been a slow month work wise. Perhaps the universe has taken into account that my body needs some down time. But with just over half the month to go the job prospects have been starting to come in again. Whew.

Paying rent is the fire under my ass but actually having a gig to shoot is like the one, two punch, that got me going again. No longer did I have a sleep schedule that mimicked a hamster. I actually woke up at 5:00am today. Granted that's way too early for someone that used to wake up at 10:00am on a regular basis but it's more normal than waking up at 5:00pm.

I'm actually amazed at the productivity in the early pre-sun up hours. Grocery shopping, laundry, ad design, and sifting through all the derby photos taken this month. I am a machine.

Today's photo shoot of Camp Combo at the Gladstone was a nice gig to start things off. As the week fills up with more assignments I'll feel more relaxed as the money for rent starts to pour in.

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