Saturday, November 28, 2009


My piggy bank sitting on it's contents

I found myself a little low on money this month. There were a lot of factors. Buying three GPS devices probably wasn't the smartest financial move. Add to that not making any money on the wire service for the Nationals thanks to a FTP site failure, having to pay first and last month's rent for the new apartment, paying the current landlord's rent increase for the last month of residence, getting financially shafted for photos I shot for a gift guide. It all added up placing me in a less than great financial position.

The easy solution would be to go into my line of credit and pay off the sum until the next cheque arrived (money was coming in from the movie I was working on). Instead I decided to see how much money I had saved in my piggy bank - yes, a coin holder in the shape of a pig. Would it be more adult like to have change in a jar or ice cream tub? Maybe. I have a pig. I am comfortable with that.

For the last year and a bit, since RollerCon 09 when I last used the pig funds, I put every two dollar coin I came across into the pig. It's an odd system but it seemed to work for me, It was my way to save some money for a rainy day.

Today was that rainy day, or maybe this month was. I needed 1200.00 so the cheques I wrote didn't bounce. The pig ended up housing 1198.00 worth of twoonies (the canadian two dollar coin). While rolling the last set of 24 coins I accidentally dropped them into my camera bag where I found another $2. It completed the 25 coin roll and it gave me a grand total of exactly $1200.00.

How cool is that? Pretty much a "coin"cidence. While I would have been happier if there were more coins stuffed in the pig at least I didn't come up short. Woo woo!

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