Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RollerCon 2010 - the flight in

What smells like plastercine and has damp floors? Apparently my room at the Hooters Hotel. On top of that I can't sync the iPhone to my laptop. The hotel doesn't have a wireless connection and my iPhone can't transfer word documents over the iPhone connection cable. $#@ Apple!

In the meantime, I will post photos and update them with text later.

Getting the shoes shined at the airport.

The Tri-City girls.

Rebel Rock-it

Rebel shows the Tri-city girls the flamingo jammer panty.

Looking at the sunset while waiting for the plane

Rebel visiting the Tri-city girls while en route.

Anita Martini, still a bit shaken from my quiet approach

Arriving at Las Vegas' McCarran airport

Rebel poses in front of a GUN ad (as a Canadian we find the US gun culture a bit strange) .

The ToRD girls at the Hooters pool

Dark Passion Play with her Eiffel tower drink.

Holy Hotness! It's Strychnine and B-Train.

Points for ricochet cork hits on B-Train

Pool side

B Train and So.

A car we passed by on the way to the Tropicana

Eating at Del Taco 4:00am, vegas time

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Unknown said...

Hey Derek. Why aren't we shooting a documentary about these girls?