Thursday, March 01, 2012

Moving... I hate it.

The Lego Fire Station and Shopping Mall (the grand emporium)

Upon returning from Boston, I applied for a new passport, driver's license, finally got around to changing my mailing address and contact info with the bank, the union and my friends. Went through the refrigerator dumping the questionable food and replaced the whole freezer and fridge with new food. Started writing up some concepts for my pirate animation and as a way to relax while uploading the final data to Universal and Image Engine I purchased and built the Lego fire station and shopping mall. It took four days to build these Lego models at a leisurely pace. I figured I'd use them as a backdrop in the pirate animation. Over the course of February I also managed to unpack everything from Boston, get my computer back up and running and put the boxes that the Boston stuff was packed in into recycling.

With a few bucks in my pocket and a vacation in the horizon, it all seemed to be going quite well. I was looking forward to a relaxing month or two off to be creative and productive. Maybe I'd travel for a bit.

The day my passport was ready for pick up all that changed. It was the same day my landlord gave me notice to move out. That was two days ago. I'm now in packing mode again.

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