Sunday, April 03, 2005

Stop and smell the Storm Troopers

Two Storm Troopers positioned outside of the Silver Snail (a local comic and action figure shop)located on Queen street west.

When I take on jobs I tend to disappear, especially in the last few years, from the rest of the living world. It's not a good thing when friends email messages like "doing those long hours again =(" instead of "oh great you're working". Well they say that too, but mostly because they don't want to see you living out of a card board box on the street or worse on their couch in their living room.

I have found that working twelve to sixteen hour days tends to really limit your social life, including the possibility of meeting new people. Like duh. Well okay there are the odd exceptions. The wandering guy on the dark street corner asking for change, the taxi cab driver, the people on the transit, and maybe even the late night hot dog vendor. Interesting people sure. Dating potentials... no. It's odd that there aren't any cute hot dog vendor women out there. If it's late and they are female, they tend to take on the resemblance of the grumpy old women that used to slop food on your plate back at the school cafeteria.

Sure in a dark alley armed for combat they would be great to know. But for dating, yes call me shallow, nope. Then again ask me in two years. They do sell food after all. And it's cooked (most of the time). Until they invent the "hooker" closet like that of Logan's Run I guess I'll have to make more of an effort to making the time to meet people and actually meeting them.

All the long work hours mean that my "living" has to take place on the weekends. As per usual I met up with the usual bunch for dim sum, being a saturday and all. After dim sum, part of the group went to see Sin City, others went home, and I, being the ever diligent workaholic, made my way in to work. Even though it was raining lightly I decided to walk, take in the scenery and work off some of the food I ate.

Had I taken the TTC (Toronto transit) I would have missed the storm troopers in front of the Snail. Sure it's not a big event for most people but it brought a smile to my face as they posed with other passerbys and when you go home at night looking at hot dog vendors well it can't be all that bad.


uncaringbear said...

It's cool to see that Silver Snail is still around. I spent many a weekend afternoon in nerd bliss at the snail.

Zee said...

Your blog updates are becoming less and less frequent. It's like you're actually busy doing other stuff. What gives?

BagelHot said...

I'm actually doing other stuff. But also Blogspot seems to be down for me a lot this week. I can read my entries but can't add any. The bloggerbot (in hello) has even been offline from time to time inhibiting by image upload.