Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Come see the Falls...

The Maid of the Mist boat sails along Niagara Falls.

Determined to keep my boredom at bay I decided to take the bus and go to Niagara Falls. I arrived at the Niagara bus terminal at 15:30. The trip took about two hours. Once off the bus I made my way over to the falls by foot taking pictures of the run down downtown core along the way. Boarded up stores, closed restaurants, an old lady waiting for a bus. That was about it. And I thought downtown Edmonton after 7pm was bad. Yeesh.

Perhaps it was because it was a Tuesday that it wasn't very busy. Not just downtown but also at the water (the falls). Whenever I've gone before they are people crammed along the water's edge sightseeing. Mind you I usually went during the weekend. The nice thing about the lack of people is that I managed to go into a tourist trap without having worry about getting pushed by kids or trying to peek at displays over heads taller than me.

Along Clifton Hill, a street that runs towards the Falls (east/west), there are a whole bunch of tourist traps. From over priced restaurants, to wax museums, to 4D IMAX rides. The one thing that caught my eye was the Lego exhibit. It cost about $10.00. I asked if I could take pictures and they gave me the go ahead. The exhibit was a large room with a large Lego train set. Within the tracks there was a small Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, CN Tower, Scotia tower, a soccer field, a ski lift and a bunch more stuff that I'm forgetting. One interesting lego piece that stood out was a rock and roll concert featuring AC/DC. (to be continued)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, good old Niagra Falls... Glad I finally got the chance to comment in your BagelHot blog. I remember the Falls were the place to go when a bunch of us were really bored. It's weird because I always knew what I would find once I got there, but it would never disappoint. The wonder and beauty of the Falls mixed in with the cheese and trash. Nothin like it.

When can I get those D and G CD's?