Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Darryl's Photo Shoot

Chris posing for one of the few pictures I got to take.

While other Canadians celebrated the Victoria Day long weekend by going to the cottage, launching fireworks, or maybe staying at home in bed catching up on sleep, Mandy Zackowski (of Deadly Design), Amanda Shear (Eye magazine photographer), Mark (Chris' Botfriend/ex-glam rock guy), and myself spent the last two days helping out Darryl do a photo shoot of Chris. My task was mainly comprised of sleeping and being around if Darryl had questions about the gear, needed a light moved, a pizza picked up, or a quick run to the variety store for other miscellaneous stuff like drinks and snacks.

Chris went through a bunch of different looks, ranging from a leopard girl, the devil girl (above), a cheerleader, 50s glamour model, race car poster girl, and a Betty Page look-a-like. Mandy, make up artist extrodinaire, did an incredible job in doing Chris' makeup. She also explained the whole fake eye lash technology to me. You can glue fake eyelashes on! Who knew? I can see a bunch of women putting up their hands. I suppose I did know. It's just something I've never really thought of (being a guy and all).

A whole new world of beautifying technology that makes me more appreciative that being a guy and having to use only and comb or brush, maybe take a shower, is a good thing. It's no wonder women get all pissed off when the "man" doesn't notice the new doo, or new look, right away. The hours that can be put into making themselves "look good" is incredible. Yes... this has donned on me just now. One can be told that getting ready to go out can take a long time but until one sees the actual devices that women use... well it's an awakening experience.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating dim sum, going for lunch at a place called sPaHa (located on Spadina and Harbord), and watching TV shows from the 70s and 80s on DVD. One of them being the Greatest American Hero. A cheesy but memorable show from the eighties. I got sucked in and watched the entire season over two nights. The DVD included the pilot for the spin off show called the Greatest American Heroine. It never aired. After watching the first ten minutes I got bored and tuned out. No wonder it never got picked up.

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