Saturday, May 28, 2005

Some Movie Magic Please

This photo taken on location of Felicity demonstrates the effectiveness of a studio light on top of a very tall crane.

I slept for most of the day in order to be awake during the Felicity shoot at Black Creek Pioneer village. Our visual effects call time was 20:45. We stayed until 23:30 leaving the location after finding out our scene had been cut. This is a regular thing being on set and doing visual effects. Unless you're working on a movie or show that is stuffed with effects shots (Star Wars 3 for example) most of the time visual effects shots are placed at the end of the day. If the time runs out (or the producer doesn't want to pay overtime), the scene gets chopped. It is not uncommon for you to come to set first thing in the morning, stand around all day, then have your scenes get chopped off, and you go home having to come back some other day for a pick up shot.

The nice thing about being on set is that they feed you. I suppose this is both a good and bad thing. While working on Earth Final Conflict I saved so much money eating on set. However it's also very easy to gain weight especially if you're not doing anything resembling exercise (like moving sand bags, climbing ladders, lights, cameras or what have you).

Tonight, during the wait, while eating a sandwich from the kraft table, I took a bunch of house reference pictures for an effects shot. They will be stitched together and used to create a large matte painting that will incorporate bare trees, maybe some snow and a new roof. Supposedly houses in 1775 America had very steep roofs made of wood tiles.

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