Sunday, May 08, 2005

Spider Plant

The spider's actual size is about 5mm in length.

I woke up this morning and found a tiny spider hanging from the ceiling in my washroom. After transplanting the spider over to my aloe plant in the window I decided to take my nikon 990 out og hibernation and shoot a few pictures in macro mode. The spider was pretty lethargic. It's good to know I'm not the only slow moving thing in the morning. He was easy to shoot. Note: A spider's sex can be determined by looking at the head. If the spider has fat bulbous looking "fangs" then it's a he. I can't remember where I picked up that little nugget of knowledge. It just one of those things.

In order to make this tiny spider appear large I had to the get camera right up to it (2cm away). I found the depth of field to be absurd. If the front legs were in focus the body was out of focus and vice versa. Later on I sacrificed the shutter speed in order to use a smaller aperature. The result is what you see above. By the time I started getting the knack of shooting the spider crawled away hiding in the plant.

Even though the camera is a LOT less responsive than my D70 I do miss shooting in macro mode. I'll have to remedy that some day and pick up a macro lens for the SLR. Yes. Some day...


Olivia Meiring said...

Aw that is such a cute spidey!! I'm so glad you're not one of those people who squishes them like their lives don't count.

If they're in my way I always pop them outside in summer, or in an indoor potplant for winter. There are lots of bugs to feed on!

uncaringbear said...

If I win lotto, I'll buy you the Nikon Micro 60mm or 105mm marco lens. It sucks that Nikon lenses are so freaking expensive.

Zee said...

Whenever you start mentioning buying something you've either ALREADY bought it or will buy it within a day of mentioning it.

That macro lens will be in your possession within a week.

BagelHot said...

The macro/micro lens I've been eyeing is the Nikkor (Nikon brand) zoom lens. It's a 70-180mm.
The other lens I was looking at is the perspective control micro-nikkor 85mm 2.8 lens.

The macro/micro (why does Nikon use micro?) lenses are later on down the line as I'd like to get the 80-200mm 2.8 or the 70-200mm 2.8 VR lens first.

Too bad Nikon doesn't have any contests where you can win lenses.