Saturday, September 24, 2005

Know when to fold em.

Jill Rosenberg with "Joe" the origami lead in "Origasmi"

Since Wednesday of last week, between sleeping and getting my virus ridden computer back to normal I've been helping out Jill. She's been working on her short, "Origasmi", for this friday's hard liquor and porn film festival. We've been working out of a basement in a room that belongs to the Toronto Animated Image Society. Yes, the same overly sensitive small minds that banned my film at the naughty animation festival.

Despite their short comings they do provide a bunch of low tech equipment for making a short animated piece. It looks like most of the stuff should be in a garage somewhere collecting dust. There's a multiplane station for drawings as well as an assortment of used light tables and computers. There's even an Amiga 500, 2000, and 3000 that seem to be neglected in the corner.

It seems that I haven't really animated anything in the last year. Actually 11 months ago was the last time I shot a film, to be specific "Macho Baby!". I'll have to shoot something again for myself one of these days. I just need an idea.

for more info on Darryl's film fest click here

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