Monday, June 18, 2007

Leanna's new doo

The new doo

For all those emails I've gotten asking what's happened to Leanna, the make up artist, and why I didn't post anything for the two month backlog I had, this post goes out to you...

I made a trip uptown to visit, do lunch and in general spend some time with my favourite make up person. As a female she's also a good source of getting the juicy info on how members of the fairer sex think, react, and interact. To the female readers out there, I'm sure the way you think is quite simple and straight forward to you. To us guys solving world hunger is probably an easier task.

Over the years I've amassed numerous sources, an army if you will, of women that I go to for advice, criticism, and overall opinions. This is the Libra way after all, to get as many opinions as possible then weigh them against your own just to keep yourself in check. When it comes to understanding the opposite sex the more sources you have the better (more on this later).

As for Leanna, the first thing I noticed as it's been a while since I last saw her, was she's sporting a new doo. I took a bunch of pictures of her for her facebook account so she could show others what her new hair style looked like. Personally I think it looks great but then I've always had a thing for women with a bob, short hair, or hair up in a bun or pony tail of some sort.

A sundae at McDonalds gets inhaled.

The temperature outside was hot. This might be enhanced from being indoors most of the time for the last few weeks. It took me by surprise. Walking out into the world from my air conditioned apartment felt like walking into an oven. We ate lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. On the way back to her place we ended up stopping off into a McDonalds , the half way point, just to cool off and grab a sundae.

Leanna with the neighbourhood muffler robot

At her place we continued our conversation about the challenges of dating and wooing. By the time I left I really don't think I acquired enough information. It basically boils down to the girl or person you're interested in. If she likes you, then pretty much anything you do to show your affections is deemed nice and thoughtful, maybe even romantic. On the other hand if she doesn't like you, your actions become creepy and maybe even borderline stalker like.

So do you take a chance and throw yourself out there? Or do you hold back and just wait for something to happen? In the end I decided to throw myself out there.


theotherbear said...

Yeah, you throw yourself out there or you will always wonder what if.
So, you threw yourself out there ans what happened next?

Anonymous said...

It all depends...if it's a new person, sure throw yourself out there. BUT if it's a person that has already said in many ways to please, leave me alone and I'm not interested, then throwing yourself out there becomes stalker-like.

BagelHot said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Derek!
I just wanted to tell you that who ever you end up with will be the luckiest woman in the world, I say this because I know you and I think your the nicest man I have ever met.
Let's do lunch again soon.
Love ya lot's

Anonymous said...

Women are an odd breed. I'm getting my arm punched by my girlfriend now and I'm being instructed to say that they are worth it in the end when you find the right one.

It takes a lot to put yourself out there. Us guys should get points just for the doing and medals for not getting jaded in the process.