Sunday, August 26, 2007

80s Music

Dance floor at Zippers

To round off my weekend of distractions I found myself with Juliet (editor of, Dominic (photographer) and Ted at a dance club celebrating a birthday. I'm not a regular clubber so usually the only time I go to dance clubs these days is to shoot something. Tonight finding myself near a dance floor with no specific photo mission seemed strange.

It was 80s night. The songs were recognizable but somehow different. It took a while but I figured it out. All the songs we were listening to were extended versions of the ones heard on the radio (back in the 80s). The atmosphere on the dance floor was happy dance music which contrasted sharply to the gloomy Elton John music someone at a piano was playing in the front room where the bar was.

Ted, the dancing machine disappeared into the darkness while I stood off to the side talking to Juliet. "Surrounded by water and nothing to drink." she quipped. I looked around at all the well groomed, physically fit guys and thought to myself I wonder if I stood out as a hetrosexual with my gut and my bad shrub like hair which I noticed I hadn't gotten cut for a few weeks prior to getting sick. Then there were the shoes. I was wearing old beat up sneakers. Looking at other people's feet I noticed a floor of dress shoes. Not an easy thing to notice in a dark environment and not something I would generally pay attention to if it weren't for Juliet pointing down at the floor.

Something else that got my attention were two women that night. The first, a blond girl with a plain black dress and yellow shoes with speckles on them. The speckles reminded me of those sprinkles you'd top a muffin with in the shape and color. Even in the darkness of the room she seemed fairly attractive. I commented on her shoes telling her I liked them. She smiled while launching her leg into my arms so I could gt a closer look at her foot wear. Her leg was firm, silky smooth, and incredible. Oh, and she had nice shoes.

Holding her leg made me forget how it got there in the first place. The first thought was to tell her I was straight but the idea was axed when the image of her freaking out and me receiving a face slap came to mind. I muttered something I'm sure was incoherent like "Thanks, you really do have great shoes.". While bringing her leg back down to the ground she flashed me her perfect smile (she had immaculate teeth), turned and danced away into the crowd.

The second girl, a curly haired brunette, I met while dancing. She danced towards me with her hand pumping in the air like she was hailing a cab to the music. Making her way from the other side of the room to me, she asked if I could buy her a drink. Before I could say "No", because I wasn't as interested in her as the shoe girl, Ted pushed a $10 bill into my hand and pushed us both toward the bar counter. I bought her a beer.

She started talking to me but I couldn't hear her over the music and by this point I really didn't want to talk to her but I didn't want to be rude either. A light bulb went off and I said "Did you see where that guy went to? The guy that we were dancing in front of before getting the beer?" (I was referring to Ted). She smiled and pointed "I think he danced that way. Good luck.". I returned with "Enjoy your beer. Nice meeting you... and thanks.". I had managed to detach myself from her without any insult. Woo hoo!

When we left the club I felt a bit bad for deceiving the two girls but Juliet had convinced me that it was probably the right thing to do rather than to have one girl freaking out and another girl feeling bad about herself (worse case scenarios).

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