Sunday, August 12, 2007

Your very own Terracotta Army

Some replicas of the terracotta army statues.

Michelle, now having her driving license and yearning for dim sum, drove us out to Finch and Birchmount. It was an intersection we were told would have a dim sum restaurant. Not getting a restaurant name or more specific directions we didn't find any thing during our drive by scouting that location. From there we drove directly to the Pacific Mall.

After getting our fill of food in a restaurant on the second floor we walked around the mall. As usual the mall was packed with people shopping and milling about. The Chinese Heritage section on the second floor had an entrance with mini terracotta figures (like the ones shown above). Some were kneeling, some were standing.

Near the back of the mall we saw some for sale. These were full size, five foot something, statues. For a split second I thought of having a small army of them sandwiched into my backyard in some military formation with my garden gnome in front.

For more information on the terracotta warriors click here.

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