Monday, August 06, 2007

That crazy little thing called Love

If you had a friend that needed financial help would you give them a couple of bucks, provided you had a couple of bucks give?

Would it make a difference on how well you knew them? (ie. a love interest, a friend, a relative, an acquaintance, a stranger with an interesting story - not listed in any order)

Some say that giving money is easy, it's giving up your time that's more difficult. But when you think about it making money usually takes up time doesn't it? Unless you're making money on royalties or interest or some such thing.

You're probably asking yourself "Where is this blog entry going?".

Recently on facebook I found that Barry, a friend of mine, is going out to BC. The facebook note is as follows...

>>>>>>>>>>>> begining of facebook entry

Everyone wants Barry back in BC? Now's your chance to show the love!

Sometimes in life all that you can do is jump.

After some long hard years my life is changing dramatically and quickly.

I have fallen in love with a woman in Vancouver. I am about to take a Greyhound bus three days from Hamilton to meet in person. I believe that it will be glorious and overwhelming.

I am also thinking seriously that this will finally be my move back to Vancouver. That has been much on my mind for a long time, and the time has come to be where I belong.

This is where YOU come in.

As good as life is, my illness last year damaged my income incredibly. I am NOT complaining, just stating facts.

This trip is a great leap of faith. There are a thousand reasons not to do it, but I am.

E-mail and phone calls - three or four or five hours every night - are wonderful, but we NEED to meet face to face.

Which is why I have gone ahead and bought a return Greyhound ticket, Hamilton to Vancouver.

I leave Tuesday Morning. Right now, on a long weekend, I am waiting on clients to pay me for work done, but there is no way that those will arrive before I leave.

So I am shamelessly putting out a call to all of those people who want me back in BC to help fund this trip.

Any amount is fine, a lunch, a couple breakfasts, maybe the cost of a dinner out. It will all help me to survive life on the road with less pain and suffering.

(God I sound pathetic)

I have, unbelievably set up a PayPal button for JUST these donations. See the URL below.

I know, I know, soliciting donations on Facebook.

But you know, this is the year that I have learned that it is OK to ask your friends for help, OK to let them support you when times are tough.

So as we say in Community Radio Fundrasing "Give til it feels good."

The PayPal link

>>>>>>>>>>>> end of facebook entry

Call me a sucker for romance and happy endings or maybe it's just the thought of someone stuck in Hamilton while the girl is halfway across Canada. Heck yeah! I donated.

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theotherbear said...

I have had very bad experiences in LOANING money to friends. Never got some of it back, some argued that they borrowed it in the first place, feeling awkward that you feel pressured into it and you may not want to.
BUT! It is different if you are giving it away for a cause like that. Too sweet.