Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chinese Lanterns

A 3D horse... with lights!

Tonight Linda and I went to Ontario Place for the Chinese Lantern Festival. While it seemed like a price gouge at $25 per head it was still a fun time. The lanterns ranged in size from small single lanterns to large complex dioramas.

One of the more "cute" displays was an area of panda bears. One specifically stood out as it looked like it was doing something lewd. I looked around to see if any other people noticed. Parents seemed okay with letting their kids view the naughty panda so maybe it was just Linda and I with the dirty minds.

I've included a picture of the "bad" panda. See if you can locate which one it is.

A large lit up golden dragon.

A dragon symbol


Some war horses

A panda tyring to get a leaf.

An Olympics 2008 panda

This panda was stroking his bamboo shoot.

A panda Family

Panda climbing a bamboo stalk

Horse pulling chariot

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