Friday, June 26, 2009

AX party

The church at the corner of Berkeley and Queen

The first assignment of the Pride weekend was the AX party that took place in a church at Queen and Berkeley. What looked like a stogy building from the outside became an enormous dance/party room when you walked in. This was the perfect venue for the "Saints and Sinners" themed party.

I was impressed that Michael Jackson got some air time. There are those that are getting tired of the whole tribute thing and over used radio play but not me. Good music is still good music. I'm a bit old school in that I like hearing lyrics to music.

Dance party!

It was a really nice venue. A large dance floor next to a stage and a second floor that overlooked the first one. By midnight the venue was packed. Doing the photography thing became a bit challenging trying to photograph what was happening on stage and the people on the floor.

The partying and dancing lasted until around 3:00am. I snapped my last photo at 2:58am, went home and prepped for the next day.

DJ Quinces serves up the musical goods
For the first half or more of the party DJ Quinces operated the music box. At the time of writing this blog entry, the web site is down ( but if you're on facebook you can get a hold of her through the "DJ Quinces and Friends" group.

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