Saturday, June 20, 2009

HCRG vs TORD 2009

Dicey sews on he coveted WFTDA badge.

The first period between the girls of TORD, better known as CN Power, and the Hammer City Roller Girls was a nail biter. Toronto was up a few points, then Hamilton would close in, and by the end of the period the score was Hammer City 33, CN Power 32.

The second period was much more easy to watch for the Hamilton fan as Hammer City zoomed into a 20 point lead. Final score Hammer city 82, CN Power 60.

The Eh Team (the Hammer City Roller Girls travel team)

Mia Culprit gets bitch slapped again.

An interesting thing to note was that I managed to get practically the same photo this year in Hamilton as the last year in Toronto. Mia Culprit being stopped by Bitch Slap Barbie. It's like deja vu.

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Anonymous said...

have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE that you captured the same photo? I guess you can FOOL ME TWICE... but try a third time, and I pull out the elbows bitch and take you DOWNWWWWWW ;) hahahah

-Mia Culprit