Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Beef Ball

The Opera House

The Beef Ball was the second party I would be shooting this Pride weekend. Located on Queen street (just east of Broadview) the Opera House boasted a bunch of party goers with a leather theme.

While I am probably too conservative to wear anything real skimpy (ie. cowboy chaps where the bum is exposed) I did notice a leather kilt that looked cool. Everyone knows women love kilts and make it leather and presto you're walking off the set of the Matrix. But the feature that was really cool is that it had a utility compartment. Batman could wear this thing should he ever want to change his costume to include a kilt.

DJ Neill MacLeod

The DJ was instantly recognized by me. Usually I'm terrible with spotting celebrities, which is one of the reasons I do not shoot paparazzi photos. Unless they are on set or someone points and says there's so-and-so, meh, the camera stays in the bag. Celebrities are like anyone else and deserve some privacy.

MacLeod had been on the cover of the previous issue of FAB magazine. It's the same issue that had my photos of green bag alternatives, a rainbow jock strap, and a dialogue shirt. Plus the article in the magazine said he was a DJ. It didn't take much to recognize Neill in front of the turn table / CD mixer.

view from the balcony

Unlike the AX party, this party went until 5am. It had a bus that transported people to and fro the location and like the AX party had performers popping up on stage at the odd interval to get the crowd going.

The drummer, Bobby

By the time I got out the door the sun was just starting to come up. I'd make my way home by 6:30am. That would give me four and a half hours to back up the photos, have a nap, and get out of the house for the next gig.

Ugh, morning sunrise

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