Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not in the cards

Rain drops on the GO bus window

We had planned my visit to Hamilton about a week ago. The main purpose, to see a tarot card reader, and maybe squeeze in a bit of boggle. Yeah, boggle, the word game. I can't remember when I started playing that in Hamilton. It was an alternative to visiting Hamilton for roller derby. A social network helper if you will. Although our boggle social network comprises of two right now.

With a bit of wesearch (web research - I just made that term up) Kellie found out that the reader would be at the Rebel's Rock Irish pub later in the evening. So the plan was to meet up at Plucker's where I would order my usual coconut shrimp, maybe a burger, play some boggle and do a bit of catch up.

Coconut shrimp at the Plucker, yet another configuration

My trip to Hamilton was a bit nutty. Perhaps due to the abundance of rain, the train to the GO station was delayed. The cab I used, because I couldn't sit on a non-moving train, got stuck in traffic. While boarding the GO bus (the cab dropped me off just in time) I got squashed in the door while it was closing on me. Then the GO bus sat in traffic for about 45 minutes trying to get onto the Gardener to get to Hamilton. I arrived at the Plucker almost an hour late.

We ended up eating at the Plucker and reading this bad tattoo book. The book was good and even funny it was about "bad tattoos". Kellie would flip through the book page by page subjecting herself to a different form of visual punishment. She would laugh so hard she couldn't breathe at times, show me the photo, I would laugh/be disgusted or combination there of. We would both be wondering "who the ___ would get a tattoo of that?".

Two particular images now forever burnt into my brain are that of a dolphin on a lazy boy with a bong and a dinosaur with a fanny pack. The later looked like a kid drew it but it cracks me up just thinking about it. Ha ha ha! So cheesy.

Kellie checks the parking meter

We finished eating around 8pm and headed over to the other pub... only to find out the reader called in and wasn't going to be there. D'oh! After all that.

We made our way over to "This ain't Hollywood", a new bar/pub/venue that opened up recently, said "Hi" to Becky, looked at a few old bottles, said "Hello" to a visiting bulldog, and then returned to the GO bus station where I headed back to Toronto.

Becky at "This ain't Hollywood"

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