Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Central

Spent most of the day recovering from Fashion week. Translation: I slept through most of the day. The highlight ended up walking over to the Central, a bar near Bathurst and Bloor to see Diane and her friends.

Diane is that girl I met in Montreal. Tush picked her up at the bus station the day before I left. A few months later I would see Diane in Las Vegas at Tush's wedding. Today she was in town visiting friends from Thunder Bay and other friends that live in Toronto.

Three sightings, three cities. That sounds pretty exciting. How many other people do I know that fit into this category. Actually now that I think about it there are quite a number of people (mainly related to derby) that I bump into in the odd city. Okay, well there goes that out the window.

It's Diane

Jean Paul De Roover sings and plays multiple tracks of himself.

Parting photo, everyone else has left

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