Thursday, October 15, 2009

Greta Constantine

This dress is made out of seat belt material

I photographed a catwalk located at the Audi Downtown Toronto dealership. It was in the basement. The main floor (where all the cars were) acting as the holding room for the attendees. Alcoholic beverages and finger food being passed around apparently. I didn't know. This is just what I heard.

I had arrived early, 5:30pm for an 8:00pm show that turned out to be an hour late. I wanted to get a good spot and didn't know where the Audi building was so I gave myself extra time to find it. I ended up arriving early. So early in fact that I managed to by pass all the people needed me to register to be there. They hadn't set up yet.

While this didn't impede me in getting a good spot (I was the first one there). It did cause a bit of panic in my fashion editor, Max. When he arrived the staff hadn't the knowledge that I showed up and was already in the basement. The basement provided poor cell phone reception so my cell phone didnt' even ring when Max tried to call me and I couldn't call out. I also didn't want to walk upstairs for fear of losing my great spot.

While everything went well on my end, I photographed the whole clothing line, Max was worried I didn't make the show at all and as a consequence no photos were being taken. It all worked out in the end. I met up with Max, to his relief, and showed him that I did indeed have photos.

The clothing collection was quite stunning and the catwalk being organized outside of the usual Toronto Fashion week impressed me. The lighting was ideal and consistent. The venue, surprisingly, made a great catwalk environment to show off the clothing. I almost felt like I was back photographing in London.

Kirk and Stephen the designers of Greta Constantine.

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