Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back to the old hood

Awesome sign on Queen Street and Portland

Today's day off had me wandering around queen street and eventually making my way over to the old apartment to pick up my bike. Unfortunately there's a lock on the bike and the key is buried in some random box.

Today's goal was to help (or more accurately watch) Chris break the lock so I could wheel the bike home. In the end the lock didn't break and I'd have to make a second trip back. On the plus side I got to see the old neighbourhood again.

Ever wonder what's on the other side of the Queen street fence?

Heather and Jeff

Felix "I'm cute and rolling around. Pet me."

Carl goes to pet Felix

Felix attacks.

Felix still attached to Carl.

Simon wants nothing to do with this.

Meanwhile on the other side of the house Pumpkin is oblivious to the attack taking place and simon sneaking away behind him.

Simon runs for the hills to avoid being implicated.

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