Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feel the Heat

I picked up some hand warmers today. Working on set the last week has been a pretty cold experience. Even though it's spring, the temperature has dropped down to 5° C. With the ice on the ground and being near a body of water it feels colder.

Dave, the other matchmover on the show, brought in some heating devices that came with his coat. He gave me one to keep in my pocket to warm my right hand (the one I use for taking notes) while we were on set. It helped a lot. So I bought two today and a bunch of fuel sticks (charcoal) for future use.

The nice thing about this particular heating device is that ash is the only product left when it's done. Unlike the chemical versions like hot shots that leave behind unwanted chemical crap. The only drawback is that you have to have a lighter to be able to start the charcoal going.

I need something for my boots the steel in the steel toe is making my feet freeze.

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