Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zip Car to the Brick Works

The "Tough Cookie" shot

My first zip car rental.

I had gotten my approved zip membership card the other day and decided to take a car out to not only test drive it but figure out how the whole gas thing works. Gas is included in the rental fee. They give you an Esso gas card that you can use however if there's no Esso near by fear not, you can use any gas station and just email or fax a copy of the gas receipt to get financially reimbursed.

King's Cafe... another photo from the wall of gluttony

I picked up Leanna and got some food at King's Cafe then happily stuffed with vegetarian food we made our way down to the Brick Works to do a mini photo shoot. Travelling with all the lighting gear in the zip car is a great alternative to owning a car or lugging all that crap in a taxi or worse on the TTC. Plop it in the trunk and go.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun day we had. I always have a great time chillin' with you Derek.
Thanks again. :)