Sunday, March 10, 2013

Darryl's Silver Anniversary

Today was the anniversary of the zamboni which also indicates that yesterday was Darryl Gold's birthday and tomorrow is Rob Pincombe's birthday. These birthday facts have been stuck in my head since the mid 90s when Darryl, Rob, Bruce and I, all worked on the NHL hockey rule book for distribution on CD ROM (for the Apple and PC platforms). Last week I was invited via email to eat cake.

The party took place at Kathy's house which was located just south of where I used to live when I lived on Euclid. Up until today I had never met Kathy and today I had made a weird discovery.

A few years ago when living in the neighborhood there was this cat that I referred to as "Stubby" mainly because the cat had a stub for a tail. This friendly cat would pop out of wherever it was hiding when it heard me walk toward it. I have a set of keys that jingle on my camera bag when I walk almost sounding like wearing spurs.

It turns out Kathy used to be the owner of "Stubby" who's real name is "Phoebe" (coincidently the same name as the fat dog I took care of in Boston). The cat was then given to a Portuguese woman who kept feeding the cat against Kathy's wishes. Sadly the old woman died and since the time of Phoebe being given away Kathy acquired a dog named "Sushi". Phoebe drops by the house every now and then but disappears for days at a time. Kathy thinks Phoebe has a new owner as the cat seems to be well fed.

I've always wanted to know where the cat lived and who the owner was. Now I know.

Darryl and Rob blow out candles

Darryl and Rob fist bump

Rob and Jill

Judy and Darryl in the kitchen

Gudrun zombie attacks Bruce</>

People clumping near the piano

the crazy "staged" party photo

Kathy and Darryl

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