Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Day at Sanjay's

Nothing says drunk better than wearing crazy glasses

I thought to myself "The party starts at 2 in the afternoon? Wow, how drunk are we supposed to get?". Granted being Sunday you can't really drink into the night especially if you have to work on Monday morning. So I suppose that an early start might actually be in order.

A series of delays made my punctual arrival at 2pm not happen. Bad planning on my part to leave the house early enough combined with construction nuttiness down by the harborfront were to blame. I ended up arriving at almost 3pm.

Only two people had shown up before me, then as the day progressed more people arrived. Sanjay had gone all out making a rum punch, preordering samosas and chicken wraps. It was an interesting crowd as well and the topics of conversation went from archery, to government intervention, to traffic congestion, to how people knew each other (the usual party banter I suppose).

At some point in the evening the Wii was turned on and the Michael Jackson experience was booted up. While the girls that played the game did pretty well with the dance moves my goal was to try to score as many points by doing as little movement as possible. A) I just wanted to see if I could do it, B) I was feeling lazy, C) the Wii doesn't actually know what the rest of your body is doing, just your hand.

I was hoping that "Blame it on the Boogie" was one of the songs available but alas it wasn't on the list.

Sanjay snorting/laughing

the Shamrock Shake

I left the party around 10pm. With work the next day I'd have to get out of bed by 5:00am. I needed to get as much sleep as possible. The Dundas West subway station has a McDonalds take out restaurant in it and it was there I managed to grab a Shamrock Shake. It tasted more chemically then I remembered. It was also a darker shade of green then past shakes I've had there. I was disappointed.

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