Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dim Sum... Denied

As you've probably guessed from reading past posts, I like eating dim sum. If you didn't know this you do now. So it shouldn't be a surprise to read that when Dave sent a message through Facebook to go try out a dim sum place on the Danforth I promptly answered "What time?".

closed during the week of march break</>

Arriving at the location we found that the restaurant was closed for March Break. When Dave told me first there was denial. I had to check the sign myself. Then there was anger "those dim sum bastards!". Then acceptance "Where do you want to eat now?"

We walked a bit east and found a place called "The Works", a gourmet hamburger establishment. Seeing no other options close by we decided to try it out.

They had free refill drinks that come in measuring cups. "Hmmm. What will the burgers be like?" I thought to myself. The menu was pretty impressive. You could spend a while customizing your burger, from the bun, to the type of patty (beef, chicken, mushroom, veggie, elk), number of patties, condiments, and the side.

To make things easier you could also select a preconfigured burger. I ordered the Rick Mercer with mushrooms and upgraded the fries to a poutine with Montreal smoked meat. The order took about 15 minutes from the time we ordered to the time the food appeared on the table.

I think I found my new favorite hamburger place. It's a little pricey, my total came to $25 after tip. The burger was really good. The poutine was above average. Yes, I'll go again.

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